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The 2013 Down Under Bowl celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Super Saturday Championship. Three USA teams finished with gold medals and the Australian F-ture Stars and two USA teams finished with silver medals. This year’s competitionwas very equal with games being decided by 2-8 points and the Australian team getting a hard fought 40-36 win over their USA opponent. One of the championship highlights was the USA Cougars’ win over USA Bobcats with a Hail Mary pass for a touchdown to win the game just as time ran out.

We invite you to compete in the 2014 Championships and join the more than 11,500 former players as alumni of the Down Under Bowl. The games are played under High School Federation Rules and are officiated by USA and Australian o-ficials. We would love to have you join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity toplay the great game of football in the land down under.

Write-up by: Coach Chris Pella, Down Under Bowl Director



AUSTRALIA Tournament Package:
June 28  - July 6*
June 29 - July 7*
Hawaiian Retreat Option:
July 6 - July 9*
July 7 - July 10*
*subject to change