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The 2013 Down Under Volleyball Indoor Tournaments featured teams from the USA and Australia. The competition was excellent among all teams with many matches that went three sets. It was definitely some of the best competition we have had and it made for a fun tournament!

It’s always great to see the tradition of teams trading items from their respective countries. This year was no different with girls from the USA and Australia spending their downtime between games visiting and learning about each other’s culture. A highlight for several of our girls was trading jerseys with Australian players after the tournament was over. Many friendships were made over the two day indoor tournament.  

Beach Volleyball - Our All-American Beach Volleyball Tournament is played on the golden sands of the world renowned Surfers Paradise Beach. It is a wonderful experience for our athletes, especially those who have never seen the ocean.

Write-up by: Coach Annika Russell


2014 Travel Dates

AUSTRALIA Tournament Package:
July 14 - July 22*    
Hawaiian Retreat Option:
July 22 - July 25*    
*subject to change