Sponsorship Photo Upload

ATHLETES AND CHAPERONES ONLY: Once your application form and deposit have been received we will send you a customized sponsorship letter and fundraising packet. In order to personalize your sponsorship letter we ask that you provide a picture of yourself. Photos in team uniform and action shots of you participating in the sport you’ve been invited for tend to be most successful. If you don’t have a sports photo, a yearbook or portrait picture will be fine. To submit your photo upload it below:

If you are unable to upload your photo at this time, you can also submit a photo by one doing one of the following:

Mail your photo to Down Under Sports, 1755 North 400 East Suite 201, North Logan, UT 84341
Email your photo to mail@downundersports.com (subject line: sponsorship letter photo and include your name, state, and sport in the body of the email)

If you have already submitted your photo and received your sponsorship letter you do not need to submit another photo.